Did Remy catch his brother’s real killer in FBI: Most Wanted?

When Remy learned the man he thought was guilty of his brother’s murder wasn’t, he spent FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 needing to get to the bottom of it. Did he find his brother’s killer?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 finale.

One thing we’re never surprised about is how people with money get away with a lot of bad things. Money talks. It’s the way of the world because of the value we as people have put on money.

Well, it comes up in the FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 finale. Remy finally finds out who the witness was that the DA buried all those years ago. This leads to Remy finding out that Mikey didn’t just argue with some man. It was a young man, someone who was around Mikey’s age. Remy needed to speak to Mikey’s former college friends to help figure out who it could be.

That’s when Remy realized the truth. It was one of Mikey’s own friends who had killed Mikey 25 years ago. When Remy realized there were holes in Benji’s story, he decided to talk to him again. That led to finding out Benji was on the run. Remy didn’t initially want to pull the team in or get Isobel involved, but they all stepped up to the plate when it was needed. Sure, it was personal, but they would all want the same from Remy if it was them.

Remy caught up with Benji in FBI: Most Wanted

As Remy realized that Benji was involved in Mikey’s murder, they all went on a hunt for him. Well, his mother was helping him get away. She refused to tell Remy where her son was going, although it was clear that he was heading to Canada because of the $300 Canadian that his mother had exchanged.

There were two trains heading to Canada. One had already left, but Remy and Kristen managed to get on the second one. Of course, Benji was on that one, which was where Benji told the full story. It all involved a night of drinking and drugs, a girlfriend, and a fight on the beach. Benji says that he was defending himself and hit Mikey with a rock, and then Mikey wasn’t moving.

Benji panicked and called his parents, who were wealthy enough to pay off witnesses and the DA. They were able to pin it all on an innocent man. That innocent man had died of his cancer before Remy could apologize for all the terrible things he thought.

In the end, Benji was arrested. Remy needed to see justice happen this time, so Benji was taken into custody, and we can hope that things work out. Of course, his mother is also going to be arrested, which should help to keep the money and power out of the situation. Maybe.

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