Is Tank going to survive FBI: International?

The Season 2 finale of FBI: International was a stunning wrap-up that put several team members in danger. Was our beloved hound Tank one of them? Find out here!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for the Season 2 finale of FBI: International

“Fencing the Mona Lisa” had the Fly Team called in when a Russian nuclear warhead was stolen and set up for sale on the black market. Naturally, the Russians wanted it back, with the team having to find it first. This involved Powell and Kellett clashing a bit on Powell’s attitude on the case.

The team found a link in a supposed tourist named Olivia Thornton, only for a slip of the tongue letting them realize she was an international arms broker. Forrester used the leverage of the woman’s son to get her to talk.

It took a few fights, but eventually, the Fly Team managed to recover the missile so the U.S. military could study it. Olivia agreed to testify against her bosses with Forrester, knowing they’d want to silence her. They also accepted Powell as a full member of the team.

Raines was outside doing some recon as the team prepared to move Olivia. But just as they were about to leave, Raines realized something was wrong and warned the others, only for a bomb to take out the entire building.

So who can be safe or not after that ending?

Is Tank okay in FBI: International?

At least one Fly Team member is confirmed to be okay. Raines had taken Tank outside to help him with recon. When he realized a bomb was set, Raines told Tank to stay, and he did while the explosion knocked back Raines.

There’s no word yet on who else could have survived. Powell seems the likely sacrificial lamb, given how new he is to the team. There’s no word on any cast changes, so it’s uncertain if another team member might have been killed as well.

Right now, FBI: International fans will have to wait a bit to see who else besides Tank survived this explosion, as the series had one major cliffhanger to prepare for Season 3.

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