Why does Torres want revenge on NCIS?

The NCIS Season 20 finale had Torres on a dangerous undercover assignment to stop a Russian spy ring. However, the real cliffhanger had one of our favorite agents looking ready to cross a dangerous line. What could drive Torres to maybe kill someone in cold blood?

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for the NCIS Season 20 finale

“Black Sky” had the team still working on the Russian sleeper agents embedded in the U.S. Torres went undercover at a prison to get closer to suspect Yuri. There was the danger that Yuri knew there was a spy in jail, but Torres insisted on staying in.

Torres got close to Yuri, who complained he was always second-best to his sister. In a prison fight, Yuri was stabbed to death by his own supposed bodyguard. The team realized Yuri’s dad had his own son killed to keep him quiet. This soon led to their plan to start blacking out power grids across the U.S.

Eventually, the team figured out that Evelyn wasn’t just a random spy, she was Yuri’s sister helping their dad. They managed to stop the pair, Evelyn was arrested and the power grids were put back up.

It looked like a happy ending…except while in prison, Torres had befriended a young inmate convicted for fraud but claimed he was framed. He was visited by his mother’s boyfriend (Al Sapienza), with the youth claiming he and his mom’s lives fell apart after the guy met him. As soon as he saw the guy, Torres told the youth he believed him.

Back at NCIS, Torres left a voice message for his sister “I found him. You know who I’m talking about. He’s still alive and doing it. I love you.”

What is Torres going to do on NCIS?

The episode ended with Nick waiting in the man’s apartment. He soon recognized Nick and talked about how he was sorry for what happened to his mother and had changed. Nick just cut him off, not interested in any excuses, as he knew the guy had set up an innocent man.

When the man asked what Nick wanted, Nick replied, “What I’ve always wanted. To see you die.” He then lifted up the gun as the screen cut to black.

The big question is, who is this man and what could he have possibly done to make Nick want to kill him? Nick has been tight-lipped about his past but shared how he and his family struggled when he was a kid, even being homeless for a time. Perhaps at one point, they trusted this man with some money, only for him to rip them off.

It’s clearly very personal with Nick as he’s been stewing about this for years to the point of willing to just shoot the guy. Fans will have to wait for Season 21 to find out what is happening, but this could be sending Torres into a very dark place the team can’t help him out of.

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