Who was the man at the end of FBI: Most Wanted?

The Season 4 finale of FBI: Most Wanted had some big moments for Remy Scott. But the biggest came at the very end with Remy meeting up with someone he never expected to see. Who is this person and how can it change Remy’s life?

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for the FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 finale

For years, Remy Scott was convinced his big brother Mikey had been killed by Lucas Davis. However, Remy recently uncovered evidence indicating Davis was innocent and a combination of lazy cops and a prosecutor wanting to keep it quiet for tourism sent an innocent man to prison.

The team aided Remy in uncovering the truth as it turned out a classmate of Mikey’s named Benji had gotten into a fight over a girl. In his rage, Benji killed Mikey, catching a break from the local cops and prosecutors ignoring him and his rich mom covering for him.

Remy arrested Benji but sadly, Davis had died of cancer before Remy could apologize for being wrong about him. The whole case deeply affected Remy, making him consider his place in the FBI. However, he was in for another big surprise on his brother’s past

Remy meets an unexpected face in FBI: Most Wanted

As the case was wrapped up, Remy talked to the documentary crew who had gotten him into this case in the first place. He met Mikey’s old girlfriend, Jenna, who admitted she’d suspected what happened but kept quiet because she’d come to Florida to tell Mikey something important.

The episode ended with Remy coming to a hospital to meet an intern named Corey. “I’m your uncle.”

Thus, Season 5 will have Remy handling a nephew he never knew he had. It’s a good link to his late brother and the entire experience will boost Remy’s desire for justice and expand his family. The finale allowed some wonderful closure for Remy to overcome his brother’s death and finding out he has a nephew will give him a new focus.

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