Is a new episode of SWAT on CBS tonight? (May 26, 2023)

Friday is here, and it’s time for new episodes of our favorite CBS dramas. Is SWAT airing a new episode tonight, Friday, May 26?

There is some bad news for tonight. There is not a new episode of SWAT on. In fact, there isn’t even a rerun on tonight.

Last week, the series aired its Season 6 finale. This was almost the series finale until CBS chose to reverse its decision to cancel the show after the fans made some noise. It means that we will get a seventh season, but we have to wait for it.

CBS is going into its summer programming at this point. All eyes are on the fall season.

When will SWAT Season 7 premiere on CBS?

The seventh season is going to be the last. We’ll get 13 episodes, and there will have been some concerns that the series was moving to the midseason. That is not the case at all. CBS has announced that SWAT Season 7 is going to be part of the fall 2023 schedule.

In fact, the show gets to keep its Friday night time slot. It will continue to kick off a night of dramas with Fire Country and Blue Bloods following it as it did this year.

So, when will the fall schedule begin? CBS hasn’t confirmed dates yet, but that’s not uncommon. We usually get return dates in June or July, with the return usually happening in the last couple of weeks of September or into the first week of October.

The writers strike is raising some questions about the return of all broadcast shows, though. We know that if the strike goes into June, there is a chance that fall will be pushed back. There probably won’t be enough time to get episodes filmed and through post-production for a late September start.

SWAT is available to stream on Paramount+.