5 TV crime dramas to watch this week (June 11-18)

Picture Shows: Father Brown (MARK WILLIAMS), Sgt Goodfellow (JOHN BURTON)
Picture Shows: Father Brown (MARK WILLIAMS), Sgt Goodfellow (JOHN BURTON) /

Need something to watch this weekend? There are some great TV crime dramas to pick from when you’re looking in the right place.

With summer continuing and the Writers Guild of America strike making fall TV look even further off, there may be the question of what to watch for crime show fans. Thankfully, there’s still plenty out there, from various premieres to streaming shows to check out.

Here are five programs from June 11th to 18th for crime show fans to enjoy!

5 TV crime dramas to check out this week


Just released on Netflix, this Korean drama packs in plenty of martial arts action with some top-notch crime drama. Woo Do-Hwan and Lee Sang-Yi are two young boxers who, to make ends meet and help Do-Hwan’s mother out of debt, go to work for a “money lender” who’s really a gangster.

After they cross him, the two decide to fight back and aid others less fortunate, which soon has a powerful mob after them. With some top-notch action amid the sordid drama, this should tickle the fancy of folks who like some martial arts spark in a crime show.

Now streaming on Netflix.

The Crowded Room

Newly released, this Apple TV+ drama has a great showcase for Spider-Man star Tom Holland. He plays Danny Sullivan, who was arrested for his part in a shooting in 1979 New York. As a psychologist (Amanda Seyfried) interrogates him, Danny reveals new details of his life and what drove him to commit this crime.

The supporting cast includes Emmy Rossum, Will Chase, and Sasha Lane, but Holland is the true star as his turn makes you wonder just what makes a killer tick and a gripping character study.

It is based on The Minds of Billy Milligan which is based on real events.

New episodes stream every Friday on AppleTV+.

Father Brown

It’s time to return to the fictional 1950s hamlet of Kembleford. Mark Williams is back in the title role of the friendly priest who has a knack for solving mysteries.

This year has some exciting storylines, such as a visit from Princess Margaret and Brown facing mysteries from a biker gang to a school robbery. Then he has to help ally Inspector Williams when he’s arrested himself. There’s also an uneasy alliance with old foe Flambeau. With the usual charm and humor amid the murders, it’s no wonder this show has run 10 seasons and is still ready for more.

Premieres Tuesday, June 13, on BritBox.

True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes

This bizarre docudrama series explores the mysterious deaths of several students in a Florida town in 2011. It came out all three had been subjected to hypnosis sessions by the popular school principal.

The series then focuses on the fallout, the question of how guilty the principal actually is, and the investigation into the case. Talking to various family members and others involved, this should be an intriguing story to unfold a truly bizarre real-life case.

True Crime: Look Into My Eyes premieres Thursday, June 15, at 9/8c on SundanceTV.


It’s the beginning of the end of this prequel to the popular Inspector Morse series. After 9 seasons, it signs off with Morse (Shaun Evans) becoming more like his grumpy self, fans will come to know.

The final three installments have Morse investigating various murders, including one tied to his past, as he faces some challenges. Expect a few past faces to pop up as Morse has gone from bright-eyed cop to sardonic detective, but a fun ride for viewers, so they are eager to see it close out.

Endeavour Season 9 premieres on Sunday, June 18, at 9/8c on PBS.

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