What is Riding in Darkness on Viaplay about?

Riding in Darkness -- Courtesy of ViaPlay
Riding in Darkness -- Courtesy of ViaPlay /

If you’re looking for something to watch to get through the summer hiatus, you’ll want to turn to Viaplay. Riding in Darkness is one of the recent releases.

The summer hiatus for broadcast shows has gotten a little easier thanks to streaming platforms. And there are so many streaming platforms out there. Some of them cater to a specific type of show, with Viaplay the newest that caters more toward the Nordic dramas on the market.

Riding in Darkness actually premiered on Thursday, May 25. With that last full week of May being filled with season finales, it’s understandable if you overlooked it. Now it’s time to turn to streamers to keep you occupied until the broadcast shows return. You’ll probably find that the streamers have some of the grittier dramas, especially when it comes to crime dramas.

Riding in Darkness synopsis

What exactly is this series about? Well, it covers a true story. Three women all have a connection to one man. Their connections are different, but their goals are the same: survival. They need to get out of his grip, but this is a man who can manipulate their surroundings quickly and easily.

The true events took place from the early ’90s to 2016. Tommy Lund was a man above all suspicion. He portrayed himself as a loving father and husband as well as a passionate equestrian coach who would be able to get his students to the highest of levels.

Aren’t they all “good guys?” Things take a turn when Molly arrives at Heddesta. She is an underprivileged girl from a broken family and is Tommy’s perfect victim. It turns out that she’s not the only victim, and she also isn’t afraid to stand up against him, even if it means losing everything. The fight is on to protect herself and others who have been victims of his sexual abuse.

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Riding in Darkness is available to stream on Viaplay right now.