When is the Cannes Confidential Season 1 finale on Acorn TV?

Cannes Confidential_Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Frederic Pasquini/AcornTV
Cannes Confidential_Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Frederic Pasquini/AcornTV /

Cannes Confidential Season 1 premieres at the end of this month on Acorn TV. This is another show getting a weekly release. When will the finale air?

If you’re looking for a crime drama with a bit of lighthearted fun and quirkiness, Acorn TV is always the place to turn. It’s all about Cannes Confidential, which premieres on Monday, June 26. This six-part drama is not to be missed.

It follows Camille Delmasse, a no-nonsense detective who is willing to work her butt off to solve crimes and keep the French Riveria safe. That’s made a little more complicated when a charming con man turns up. Harry King also wants to solve a few crimes, but it’s clear that he has ulterior motives.

Things are even more complicated when you factor in that Camille is trying to prove her father wasn’t a corrupt cop. He is facing jailtime for corruption as the ex-Chief of Police, and it looks like everyone believes he did it. That seems to be everyone but Harry, who makes a deal with Camille to get him free.

And what about Camille’s colleague Léa Robert? She just happens to be Camille’s wing-woman and seems to want to see something happen between Camille and Harry. There is chemistry after all. Maybe she’ll go after Harry herself.

Cannes Confidential Season 1 finale date

This series is getting a weekly release. This is standard for a lot of Acorn TV Originals, but it’s not the usual one-episode-per-week format. We’re getting two episodes per week.

There are six episodes to the season. The finale will air on Monday, July 10 with Episodes 5 and 6 dropping together.

Take a look at the trailer for the series below:

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Cannes Confidential Season 1 will premiere on Acorn TV on Monday, June 26 with two episodes arriving weekly.