What is Deadloch on Prime Video about?

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 31: Kate Box (2nd L) poses amongst cast mates during the Australian premiere screening of "Deadloch" on May 31, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 31: Kate Box (2nd L) poses amongst cast mates during the Australian premiere screening of "Deadloch" on May 31, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage) /

Amazon Prime is now running the Australian crime show Deadloch, which is a fun mix of a moody crime drama with a quirky sense of humor. Just what is it about and why should folks watch it?

It has all the ingredients for a dark and moody series. Except this show was created by the popular Australian comedy duo Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan who imbue it with a wild sense of humor.

Eddie is a foul-mouthed, hard-drinking cop in a Hawaiian shirt and pants, constantly cursing and insulting everyone around her. Dulcie, meanwhile, acts like a classic straight-laced cop in an odd setting.

What is Deadloch about?

On the face of it, Deadloch seems like a classic crime show setup. In the small coastal town of Deadloch, Tasmania, the annual Winter Festival is marred by the discovery of a body on shore. It’s local legendary football coach Trent Latham, causing a fuss.

Police sergeant Dulcie Collins (Kate Box) investigates with her superiors sending in Sydney detective Eddie Redcliffe (Madeleine Sami), who butts heads fast with Dulcie. Aided by overeager cop Abby Matsuda (Nina Oyama), the two find a connection to past deaths, including the town’s previous mayor, pointing to a deeper mystery.

This is a town where the local choir thinks a great number is “I Touch Myself” and guys do push-ups at a funeral amid other quirky bits. Abby is distracted by her upcoming wedding, while Dulcie’s wife, Cath (Alicia Gardiner), is quite possessive and oddly jealous of Eddie. There’s also bumbling deputy Sven (Tom Ballard) and the town mayor (Susie Youssef), who wants to be part of the investigation, not to mention the bevy of suspects. The wild characters add some great levity to the tale to make it more fun to watch.

Halfway through its eight-episode first season, the series is amping up the mystery as Dulcie and Eddie are starting to bond in their own way as partners as, despite her attitude, Eddie has good detective instincts. There are also some dramatic revelations in why Dulcie left her job as a Sydney cop to settle here and what drives Eddie’s maverick attitude.

Who stars in Deadloch?

The main pairing is Kate Box as Dulcie and Madeleine Sami as Eddie. The pair make a terrific couple of mismatched detectives who slowly gain some respect for each other. Nina Oyama is the other main character, eager Abby, with a wide range of Aussie actors as the various townsfolk.

  • Kate Box as Dulcie Collins
  • Madeleine Sami as Eddie Redcliffe
  • Alicia Gardiner as Cath York
  • Nina Oyama as Abby Matsuda
  • Hollie Austin as Skye O’Dwyer
  • Tom Ballard as Sven Alderman
  • Astrid Wells Cooper as Claire Connelly
  • Duncan Fellows as Ray McLintock
  • Kris McQuade as Victoria O’Dwyer
  • Shaun Martindale as Phil Mcgangus
  • Kartanya Maynard as Miranda Hoskins
  • Mia Morrissey as Nadiyah Zammit
  • Naarah as Sharelle Muir
  • Pamela Rabe as Margaret Carruthers
  • Katie Robertson as Vanessa Latham
  • Nick Simpson-Deeks as James King
  • Hayden Spencer as Commissioner Shane Hastings
  • Leonie Whyman as Tammy Hampson
  • Susie Youssef as Aleyna Rahme
  • Harvey Zielinski as Gez Rahme
  • Stephanie Jack as Megan Lang
  • Mick Davies as Mike Nugent
  • Harry Radbone as Tom O’Dwyer

Where does Deadloch air?

The series premiered on Friday, June 2 on Prime Video, with new episodes dropping every Friday. The first season finale is set to air on Friday, July 7. With its fantastic dark and wacky humor combined with an intriguing mystery, Deadloch perfectly balances crime and comedy for a fun watch.

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Deadloch Season 1 airs new episodes Fridays on Prime Video.