Where to stream Clean Sweep online

- Clean Sweep _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Sundance Now
- Clean Sweep _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Sundance Now /

While the main broadcast networks are taking some time off, there are still plenty of TV crime dramas to watch. Clean Sweep will be one to check out soon.

Streaming services and cable networks have our back during the summer hiatus. There is always something to check out, and that’s going to be the case with Clean Sweep.

The series follows Shelly Mohan, a supermom who is excellent at multitasking. She can easily juggle the complex schedules of her three kids and still have a homecooked meal on the table by the time her husband is back from work.

Her husband, Jason, is a Galway Garda detective. He gets home late every night and isn’t really all that focused on his family life. So, when a dark secret from Shelly’s past emerges, she tries to deal with it herself. She makes a fatal choice to prevent the truth from coming out.

Where to stream Clean Sweep

The series is going to head to streaming platforms. You’ll be able to tune in on Thursday, June 22 for the first two episodes of Clean Sweep with the remain episodes airing once a week.

Where, though? There are two places to check out the series. You can watch on Sundance Now and on AMC+.

It doesn’t matter which of the two platforms you subscribe to. You’ll get the episodes at the same time. Why on two platforms, though? They’re both owned by the AMC Networks.

If you get AMC+, you’ll also get access to other AMC Network content that is available on this platform. That includes the AMC+ Originals that are only available on this platform. Not all Sundance Now content is on there, but the majority of the crime dramas are.

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Clean Sweep premieres on Thursday, June 22 and airs weekly after that on Sundance Now and AMC+.