Walker Season 3 DVD release date confirmed for July 2023

Walker fans may be waiting a bit for Season 4, but at least they can enjoy Season 3 coming to DVD this July! When does the latest season of the CW hit make it to home video?

Season 3 of Walker picks right up from the Season 2 finale as a mysterious group kidnaps Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki). They also kidnap his brother Liam (Keegan Allen), with the first episodes having the rest of the Rangers trying to rescue them.

The rest of the season has the fallout of that as Cordell also handles family issues, a threat to the ranch, and culminates in a wild battle against a militia group that nearly puts everyone he loves in danger.

Besides Padelick and Allen, the show stars Violet Brinson as Stella, Walker’s daughter; Kale Culley as Auggie, his son; Molly Hagen and Mitch Pileggi as Walker’s parents; Colby Bell as Captain Larry Samuel James; Odette Anabelle as Walker’s on/off flame Geri; Ashley Reyes as Carrie Perez, Walker’s partner; and Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett, who this season joins the Rangers on a special mission.

The season was a wild one, packed with amazing action, so when can fans enjoy it on DVD?

When does Walker Season 3 arrive on DVD?

Season 3 arrives on DVD on Tuesday, July 11,. The full 18-episode Season 3 will be available on four discs with no word on if there are any special features included. Sadly, it is only on DVD. There isn’t a planned Blu-ray release, which is becoming pretty common for TV shows due to the costs of the Blu-ray production.

With Walker one of the few shows to escape the CW purge to earn another year, Season 3 is a good one to have on DVD, and fans should be able to enjoy it in full.

You can pre-order Walker Season 3 on DVD via Amazon to land the price guarantee. It’s also available to pre-order where you usually get your DVDs.

Walker Season 3 debuts on DVD on Tuesday, July 11.