What is True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes about?

True Crime Story - Courtesy Sundance TV
True Crime Story - Courtesy Sundance TV /

Truth is truly stranger than fiction, and Sundance TV is proving that with the new True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes. Its plot may sound like it’s from a cheesy Lifetime film, but it’s all based on real events, and this explores what happened. Just what is it about?

In 2011, the small town of North Port, Florida, was rocked by the sudden deaths of three high school students in suspicious circumstances. As parents and the media demanded answers, it developed that all three had been part of a hypnosis study conducted by the school’s beloved principal, Dr. George Kenney.

At first, denying what he did, Kenney did admit to hypnotizing the students to improve their grades, ignoring he was not a licensed therapist. He was placed on leave, and an ugly lawsuit erupted over the events.

This new four-part docuseries will explore just what really happened, if Kenney was truly responsible for the deaths of those students, and who else might have been affected by his actions.

True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes, A SundanceTV Original Series, is executive produced by Ethan Goldman and Keayr Braxton for Anchor Entertainment; Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold for Blumhouse Television; James Buddy Day; Mary Lisio; Eric Cook; Vincent Dale. Produced by Anchor Entertainment and Blumhouse Television.

When does True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes air?

The series premieres Thursday, June 15 at 10/9c on SundanceTV, AMC+, and Sundance Now. The series will remain available to stream on AMC+ and Sundance Now. You can choose which of the two streamers you get to watch the series.

Between its dark true-life mystery and how it delves into the mysteries of the mind, True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes, is set to cast a spell on viewers.

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True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes premieres on Thursday, June 15 at 10/c on SundanceTV.