Where to stream Look Into My Eyes online

Look Into My Eyes -- Courtesy of Sundance Now
Look Into My Eyes -- Courtesy of Sundance Now /

True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes has aired its first episode. You’ll want to check it out and stream the next episodes to come, but where can you watch?

If you haven’t watched the first episode of True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes already, you’ll want to right now. That episode aired on Thursday, June 15. There will three more episodes that air on Thursdays

The episodes will air on SundanceTV each Thursday night, but like a lot of SundanceTV content, it will be available to stream online. Where do you need to turn to watch all the episodes after they’ve aired?

Where to stream Look Into My Eyes

There are two streaming homes for this show, which has become common for a lot of TV shows within the AMC Networks recently.

The first home is Sundance Now. That makes sense since it is a SundanceTV series. You can watch all the great content that has arrived on Sundance Now, and there is certainly a lot of true crime content to check out.

What about the other home? That’s AMC+, which is the newer of the streaming platforms. You’ll be able to watch a lot of content across the various AMC Networks streamers as well as the AMC+ Original content on this streamer.

It doesn’t matter which one you get. All episodes will head to both of the platforms, so you get the choice. It’s going to depend on the type of TV shows that you like to watch and other shows on the two streaming platforms. It could also depend on whether you’ve had any of them in the past. Let’s say you’ve not had AMC+ in the past, you can watch the series with the free trial first to help keep the costs down.

Both of the platforms are available via Amazon Channels as well as directly.

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Look Into My Eyes is available to stream on both Sundance Now and AMC+.