How many episodes are in True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes?

Look Into My Eyes -- Courtesy of Sundance Now
Look Into My Eyes -- Courtesy of Sundance Now /

Look Into My Eyes covers a dark story of one doctor’s fall from grace. How many episodes are in the docuseries, and when will each episode air?

Our eyes are on the new docuseries True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes. It follows the story of Dr. George Kenney, a man who went from beloved principal to convict. Over the course of 10 years, he practiced hypnosis on his students.

After the suspicious deaths of three students in 2011, the media started to question his involvement. The case soon exploded with investigators looking into whether he could have been involved in any way.

True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes takes a look at that case. It’s time to see the 10-year fall from grace. The series will also include interviewers with the families of the victims to understand the aftermath of the events.

Look Into My Eyes episode count

There are four episodes to the story. We’ve already had the first episode arrive on SundanceTV. You can stream it on Sundance Now and AMC+ if you need to catch up.

The remaining three episodes will release weekly. This is a limited docuseries, so it will cover the entire story of Dr. Kenney’s fall from grace.

In the second episode, the investigation into Kenney’s hypnosis practices begins. The families of the students are fighting back to get the truth of what happened to their children, and it all starts with this questionable practice. The entire community starts to grow suspicious of the principal. Will this help investigators get to the bottom of it all?

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True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes airs Thursdays on SundanceTV and streams on Sundance Now and AMC+, both of which are available on Amazon Channels.