Why was Snowpiercer canceled and removed from Max?

Snowpiercer Episode 3 - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT
Snowpiercer Episode 3 - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT /

Snowpiercer Season 4 is set to be the last, but we have no idea when we’ll get to see it. Why was it canceled and then removed from Max?

If you were hoping to watch Snowpiercer in the United States, you’ll be disappointed. The TV series was removed from Max shortly after the news came that TNT wouldn’t air the fourth and final season after all.

This all came after news that the fourth season’s filming had wrapped. This is a show that now has episodes ready to air but won’t come out. Of course, that could change with the writers strike as networks and streamers run out of scripted content to air. For now, though, there are no plans for TNT to air Snowpiercer Season 4.

Why was Snowpiercer canceled?

The big question for fans of the series is why it was canceled in the first place. It was a thrilling dystopian series that seemed popular with the viewers. Sadly, it all happened as Warner Bros. and Discovery merged and there was a change in direction. As the fourth season had already started filming, the decision was to keep it going and air it the next year.

Then Warner Bros. Discovery looked for ways to save money. Tax write-offs were the way to do it, leading to a lot of original content being removed from HBO and Max. That included our dystopian series.

A lot of the other content went to FAST streamers. These are the free, ad-supported streamers such as The Roku Channel, Tubi, and Freevee. So far, the Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly series hasn’t headed to another platform.

Internationally, the series is on Netflix. It is surprising that Netflix in the U.S. didn’t manage to pick up the fourth season to at least get it on the air. Maybe there is still a chance at some point.

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Snowpiercer is available to stream on Netflix internationally. You’ll need to buy it on DVD or Digital in the United States.