Why is Disney removing Alaska Daily from Hulu?

Fans of Alaska Daily were already upset the ABC drama was canceled after one short season. Now comes word that Hulu will be removing the show from the streamer on July 1 as part of a purge of past programs. Why is this happening, and where can Alaska Daily pop up?

Premiering in 2022, Alaska Daily had a big push thanks to starring two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank. She played Eileen Fitzgerald, a hotshot New York reporter who published a story accusing a general of corruption. When the story was exposed as fake, Elieen’s reputation was ruined. She was soon forced to take a job for a small Alaska newspaper and got involved in a story on missing local women.

The show had a good push but was marred when Swank announced she was pregnant with twins. That curtailed production with a long mid-season delay, and the series ended on March 30 with only 11 episodes. ABC then confirmed in May that it was not going to be renewed for Season 2.

Fans have been used to watching the show on Hulu, like other canceled ABC series, but now that won’t be happening for long. Why is the show being removed?

Why is Alaska Daily leaving Hulu?

Alaska Daily is the latest victim in a new push by streaming services to remove various TV shows due to expensive licensing deals. Disney has been cutting various shows from both Hulu and Disney+ as other streamers such as Paramount+ do the same.

Normally, Alaska Daily would have kept on the service at least until September and maybe longer if a deal could be struck. By removing it now, Disney saves money by not having to pay licensing fees to the studios and residuals to some of the cast and crew.

The series will still be available to buy on iTunes and Amazon. It’s also possible that it may appear on another streaming service, such as Tubi, in the future, which doesn’t require the same deals for licensing fees.

As it stands now, viewers have until July 1 to see Alaska Daily before it leaves Hulu, and its future on another streamer will be unknown.

Alaska Daily is streaming until July 1 on Hulu and is available on iTunes and Amazon.