The Blacklist spoilers: What to expect in the series finale

THE BLACKLIST -- Pictured: "The Blacklist" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)
THE BLACKLIST -- Pictured: "The Blacklist" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC) /

The two-hour series finale of The Blacklist is here very soon. Here are all The Blacklist spoilers you need to get ready for the ending.

We’re coming to the end of a great TV crime drama. Yes, there have been some slower moments throughout the seasons, but it is ending on a high. It all started with some great connections to the earlier seasons, and now we’re into the final fight for the Task Force.

Can they stop Arthur Hudson? That’s the big question as we go into the final two episodes tonight.

The Blacklist spoilers: Series finale promo

There isn’t a promo out for the final two episodes. This isn’t surprising considering we haven’t had many promos for this season. Why would NBC give us a promo for the series finale?

The Blacklist spoilers: Series finale synopses

There are two synopses out for the final episodes. After all, there are two episodes.

The first episode picks up with the fight against Congressman Hudson. He is determined to take down the Task Force, and it means Cooper and co. are under some serious pressure. Of course, Red continues to cause more of a problem as he tries to remain one step ahead of Hudson, and he doesn’t like to be open with the Task Force about what he’s doing.

It looks like everything is going to come to a head in the series finale. The synopsis for the finale just tells us that a decision will be made about the Task Force. With it being the series finale, we’re certainly expecting to see the end of the Task Force and for everyone to go their own way.

Take a look at the synopses for the final episodes:

"Episode 21: Under pressure from Congressman Hudson’s investigation, the task force must try to anticipate Reddington’s next move.Episode 22: The decision about the future of the FBI’s Reddington task force is made."

Of course, one of the biggest questions is going to be about whether Red will survive the ending or not. Out of all the characters, we’re sure to see his life come to an end as he takes down his final Blacklister.

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