Will Cannes Confidential be renewed for Season 2?

Cannes Confidential -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Cannes Confidential -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /

We’re at the end of Cannes Confidential Season 1. Now eyes are on whether we’ll get more to this amusing story.

While there are a lot of gritty crime dramas out there, we often want something with a little more humor and lightheartedness to it. It’s why many people are drawn to the likes of My Life Is Murder and Only Murders in the Building.

There is a new series worth checking out. It’s all about Cannes Confidential on Acorn TV. The Cannes Confidential Season 1 finale aired on Monday, and now we want more. The question is whether that is going to happen.

Will Cannes Confidential Season 2 happen?

We have a little bit of bad news. Right now, Acorn TV has not confirmed if Cannes Confidential Season 2 will happen or not. That’s right, while it’s not been canceled, it has also not been renewed just yet.

The series wasn’t billed as an anthology series. Acorn TV shows can be renewed quietly, but we’re hoping to see some of that change soon. After all, fans want to know when there is another season and not just wait to be surprised by it. With so many streaming platforms, the individual companies need to make a lot of noise about their shows to ensure people watch them.

There is also no strict timeline for shows to be renewed. The good thing about this one is that it’s an international series. The writers aren’t bound by the WGA strike rules, so it means that work can start. There are no concerns about this show being canceled because nobody knows how long the strike is going to last.

Things were certainly left open for a second season. We’ve be more than happy to jump into the story.

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Cannes Confidential is available to stream on Acorn TV.