Why did Julia leave Murdoch Mysteries?

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Back in Murdoch Mysteries Season 3, fans thought they were losing Julia for good. Why did the character leave, and why did she return?

Way back in Murdoch Mysteries Season 3, Dr. Julia Ogden left. We feared that it would be the end for the character, and the end of Julliam (Julia and William). In the end, we know that Julia comes back and eventually the two do end up together, but it is a long road to that point.

Why did Julia leave way back then, though? Was this an actor decision or was it for creative reasons?

Why Julia left in Murdoch Mysteries Season 3

Things started to get rocky for the character in Season 2. William learned that Julia had had an abortion when she was in college, and as a devout Catholic, he couldn’t accept that. As he eventually moved past it, there was another bump in the road. That abortion had left Julia sterile.

Murdoch wanted a family, so the two broke up. That was when Murdoch realized that he wanted Julia more than he wanted children, so he raced to the train station before she left for Buffalo, New York with a ring. He wasn’t in time. Julia had left for her new job.

In Season 4, William went to Buffalo to get Julia back, but she was already engaged to another man. While she did move back to Toronto, it was with that man, and they were going to get married. It only takes a season for Julia’s marriage to her new husband to fail, and she leaves him for Murdoch.

In the 100th episode of Murdoch Mysteries, William and Julia are finally able to get married. It was certainly worth waiting those 100 episodes!

It turns out that Julia’s exit in Season 3 was purely for creative reasons and it was never set up as a permanent exit. Julia remains one of the few OG characters left on the series and we’re excited to see where things go in Season 17.

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