The Rising finale ending explained: Who killed Neve?

The Rising -- “Episode 1” -- Image Number: RSG101_S01-3276226 -- Pictured: Clare Rugaad as Neve Kelly -- Photo: Rekha Garton/Sky Studios -- © 2023 Sky Studios. All Rights Reserved.
The Rising -- “Episode 1” -- Image Number: RSG101_S01-3276226 -- Pictured: Clare Rugaad as Neve Kelly -- Photo: Rekha Garton/Sky Studios -- © 2023 Sky Studios. All Rights Reserved. /

For eight episodes, we’ve wondered who killed Neve in The Rising. We got the answers at the end of the Season 1 finale, which is the series finale.

When it comes to a series set in a small English town, you would think a suspect list would be small. Well, Neve soon learned that many people she once knew had dark secrets. It took the eight episodes for her to figure out who killed her, but the answers were revealed at the end.

At one point, we believed that William Wyatt was responsible for Neve’s death. This was after a string of false leads and reveals throughout the first six episodes of the series. However, the final challenged everything that we thought we knew.

Who killed Neve in The Rising?

Neve’s death is linked to a case from the past. We get the flashback of Victoria Sands, Daniel’s first wife who suffered with mental illness months before her sudden disappearance. Daniel believed that Victoria had taken her own life, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Michael Wyatt, William’s brother, had killed Victoria when she rejected his sexual advances. William helped to cover up his brother’s actions, believing that Victoria’s death was just a mistake. Neve is the one who figures it all out and she’s able to get Alex and Maria to bring Victoria’s remains to the authorities so the truth could come out,

But how is this linked to Neve’s murder? Neve finding out what happened to Victoria helps her remember the events of her own murder. She remembers that she was doing drugs with Alex when she broke up with Joe. When she leaves the club, Joe’s dad, Michael, gives her a lift home. Of course, Neve is frustrated and it triggers Michael. Michael ends up attacking Neve in the van, but she’s able to get out and runs into the forest.

Sadly, Michael catches up to her and kills her. He dumps her body in the river.

Did Neve get revenge in The Rising?

You would think after learning all that that Neve would want revenge. Well, it ends up being her father, Tom, who almost gets revenge. He finds out the trust about Victoria and Neve and goes after Michael. He almost strangles Michael to death, but Neve’s mother, Maria, brings Michael back with CPR. This saves Tom from a lifetime behind bars and means Michael faces that.

We learned early on that those who had near-death experiences could see Neve and other ghosts. Now that Michael has had a near-death experience, he can see Neve. This allows Neve the time to share everything she feels and thinks with Michael. But does she get her revenge?

She decides to let him live. Victoria, on the other hand, who has also come back as a ghost isn’t as merciful. She kills Michael while he’s in prison, making it look like a heart attack.

The Rising wraps up the story in full. That’s probably a good thing since Season 2 now isn’t happening.

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