5 shows to watch if you love Accused

ACCUSED: L-R: Jason Ritter and Emma Nelson in the “Jack’s Story” episode of ACCUSED airing Tuesday, March. 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2023 Fox Media LLC. CR: Steve Wilkie/FOX
ACCUSED: L-R: Jason Ritter and Emma Nelson in the “Jack’s Story” episode of ACCUSED airing Tuesday, March. 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2023 Fox Media LLC. CR: Steve Wilkie/FOX /

Accused took us through 15 individual stories about people who may or may not have broken the law. There is a second season of the series, but it’s going to be a long wait for it. Here are five shows to watch while waiting for Season 2.

Over the course of 15 episodes, we watched different people accused of different types of crimes. They faced juries and judges, who would decide their fates. Some of them would be found innocent or not negligent, while others would be found guilty and sentenced to prisons and mental health institutions.

Now we wait for the second season of the series. While there is the good news that it is happening, we have a long wait. The actors have now joined the writers on strike, and this is setting up to be a long summer and fall. FOX has confirmed we won’t see new episodes until sometime in 2024.

Not ready for the wait? Here are five great shows that will help you through it.

5 shows for Accused fans to watch

Law & Order

It doesn’t make sense not to put Law & Order on the list. This series follows both sides of the crime and the legal systems, as we watch the police catch the suspects and then watch the court cases play out.

Each episode is a different case for the teams to get to the bottom of. The best thing is that there are plenty of episodes even with the strike action happening. Law & Order has 22 seasons to get through. You can then turn to Law & Order: SVUOrganized CrimeUK, and much more.

Check out all the Law & Order shows on Peacock.


If you want to understand a little more about the science used in court trials, you’ll want to turn your attention to Bull. This series follow Michael Weatherly’s titular character as a psychologist who uses his knowledge to create “trial science.” He and his team work on using their framework to figure out which way a trial is going and sway the jury in their direction.

It’s an intriguing look at the justice system. We see how the testimonies of people can affect the jury. We also see how just getting a line in that is supposed to be disregarded can do the trick. Of course, there are the personal storylines throughout that we see all these procedurals have.

Watch Bull on Paramount+.


If you’re a fan of British crime dramas, you may have already seen Broadchurch. You’ve heard of it, at least. Starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman, the series follows a detective who needs to get to the bottom of the murder of a child in a small town.

You would think that it’s easy to find a suspect, right? Well, that’s not the case. And it doesn’t help that the neighbors are all hiding things from each other and the police. This is a twisty drama that brings on a lot of emotions.

You can get Broadchurch on PBS Masterpiece.

Dirty John

There are two individual stories when it comes to the Dirty John series. The first season follows Debra Newall, who meets and falls for a doctor, John Meehan. The second season follows the high-profile divorce and murder of Dan Broderick and his second wife at the hands of his first wife, Betty Broderick.

They are both based on true events. We get to see the beginning to the end, trying to understand why the women did what they did and whether they were really all that guilty of their crimes. Were they even in their right minds by the end of their relationships?

Watch Dirty John on Netflix.

The Sinner

Want another anthology series? This one has a bit of a twist. The cases are anthologies, but there is one connection to each season: Bill Pullman’s Harry.

Harry is a detective pulled into a mysterious and shocking case in the first season. A woman brutally kills a man on a beach in front of everyone. There is seemingly no defense, but this woman doesn’t quite remember what she did. In the end, we find out that she faced a series of traumatic events in her life, and they’ve all led to this one moment. That’s what Harry ends up finding with each of the cases he’s pulled into.

The Sinner is available to stream on Netflix.

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