How many episodes are in The Ex-Wife on BritBox?

The Ex-Wife - (l-r) Tasha (Celine Buckens)
The Ex-Wife - (l-r) Tasha (Celine Buckens) /

What would you do if your husband’s ex-wife kept hanging around? That’s something Tasha deals with in The Ex-Wife on BritBox.

A lot of women have to deal with their husband’s ex-wives. That’s usually due to children, though. When a man doesn’t have a child with his ex, why is she still hanging around? Why does the family keep her in their sights? That’s something Tasha has to question in The Ex-Wife.

The BritBox series, which is based on the novel of the same name by Jess Ryder, follows Tasha, who thinks she has it all. Okay, the “all” came from an affair, but she thinks she’s won. If she could win over Jack’s family, that would be even better, but it’s not that easy when the sister is still pally with the ex-wife.

Tasha realizes that Jen is up to something, and she wants to get to the bottom of it. Well, it turns out that there are some people you just can’t trust, and you could be under the same roof as them.

The Ex-Wife episode count

This limited series tells the full story from the novel. It follows how Tasha and Jack met to the family that they have together. Then it goes into the horrors that Tasha has to face as she tries to figure out what is going on.

Just how many episodes are there to tell this story? There are four episodes. Brian O’Malley directed all the episodes and they were adapted to series by Catherine Steadman, who is best known for Downton Abbey.

The best news for binge-watch fans is that all four episodes are dropping at the same time on Thursday, Aug. 10. You’ll be able to watch the complete story, and you may find yourself readjusting your bias as you watch it.

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The Ex-Wife is on BritBox on Thursday, Aug. 10.