What is The Ex-Wife on BritBox about?

The Ex-Wife - (l-r) Jack (Tom Mison) and Jen (Janet Montgomery)
The Ex-Wife - (l-r) Jack (Tom Mison) and Jen (Janet Montgomery) /

The Ex-Wife is one of the crime dramas to look out for in August 2023. It arrives on BritBox in August, but what is this British series about?

There are a few new shows to check out on BritBox in August. Streaming platforms are the place to turn when it comes to the strike action, especially platforms like BritBox. These platforms have content from international countries, with BritBox being about all things British.

The Ex-Wife came out in the UK back in October 2022. It was an immediate hit, especially for fans of the Jess Ryder novel of the same name. Now it’s finally time to get the series in the United States.

What is The Ex-Wife about?

Of course, before you get into the series, you want to know more about it. This show is about Tasha, played by Céline Buckens. She thinks she has it all. She has the rich, good looking husband, the nice house, and a beautiful daughter. However, there are a few things that she wishes could be different.

Jack’s (Tom Mison) ex-wife keeps showing up at the house, and then she shows up at the store. It doesn’t help that Jack’s family still adore Jen (Janet Montgomery) and push Tasha out. She feels a little like an outcast, and she’s sure that Jen is up to something.

What she doesn’t realize is that this may go further than Jen. There may be something that her husband is up to, and she’s going to want to get to the bottom of that before it’s too late. Does either Tasha or Jen really know Jack that well? What is he actually up to behind the scenes?

This is a series that takes you down a lot of twists and turns. You’ll certainly want to check your bias as you learn more about the past and now.

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The Ex-Wife is coming to BritBox on Thursday, Aug. 10.