How many episodes are in Granite Harbour Season 1?

Granite Harbour -- Courtesy of BritBox
Granite Harbour -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Davis Lindo just wants to be a detective. When he finds himself in Aberdeen in Granite Harbour, he gets the chance to prove himself. How many episodes are there to tell the story?

All Davis Lindo wants is to be a detective. After leaving the Royal Military Police, he has the dream of joining Scotland Yard. Instead, he finds himself in Aberdeen. While he quickly makes some friends, it’s not really the role that he wants to do. He just has to make the most of it.

Then there’s a case that comes around that gives him the chance to prove himself. An oil tycoon from Aberdeen is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Lindo and his partner Bart Bartlett will need to get to the bottom of the case and solve it while they’re surrounded by corporate politics.

Granite Harbour episode count

This is a new series heading to BritBox in August. Of course, you’ll want to know just how many episodes there are. This is important considering it’s a binge-watch release. How many hours in the week do you need to set to one side?

There are three episodes in Granite Harbour. Yes, it’s another short series, which is normal for British TV. There is a lot to fit into those episodes.

It’s not billed as a limited series. This is one of those shows that could continue, bringing us new cases for the team to work out. Will that happen? At this point, we’ll need to wait and see. While Granite Harbour isn’t caught up in the strike action, it’s not something that’s had a decision made about it just yet.

Take a look at the trailer for the series:

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Granite Harbour is on BritBox in full on Tuesday, Aug. 1.