What is Granite Harbour about?

Granite Harbour -- Courtesy of BritBox
Granite Harbour -- Courtesy of BritBox /

BritBox has some great content to keep us occupied in the summer. Granite Harbour is the first August release, but what is the series about?

This summer is going to be a long one. The broadcast networks can’t bring their shows back in the fall, so we’re turning to streamers to get fresh content. Fortunately, BritBox has us covered in August. There are a few crime dramas coming our way, with Granite Harbour as the first one.

Of course, before you get into anything, you need to know if it’s for you. This means looking at what the series is about to see if it sparks any interest. This is great for those who love British crime dramas.

What is Granite Harbour about?

The British series follows Lance Corporal David Lindo. He has just left the Royal Military Police, and now he wants to become a detective with Scotland Yard. Life has other plans for him, though. He ends up in the northeast of Scotland as he ends up with a training position as a Detective Constable in Aberdeen.

He knows he needs to make the most of it. We don’t always get what we want. While there, a notable, wealthy man from Aberdeen dies. It’s up to Lindo and his partner DCI Lara “Bart” Bartlett to get to the bottom of the case. They are trapped in the middle of politics considering who the victim is, which means corporate power struggles and possible coverups.

The story is told over the course of three episodes. The great news is all three episodes will arrive at once on BritBox. You’ll certainly have plenty to watch as August gets to a start.

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Granite Harbour is coming to BritBox on Tuesday, Aug. 1. All three episodes will drop at once.