Is Granite Harbour released weekly or as a binge-watch?

Granite Harbour -- Courtesy of BritBox
Granite Harbour -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Granite Harbour is the first of the BritBox releases in August. Will you be able to watch all episodes at once, or is this a weekly release?

It’s hard to keep track of how content is being released on streaming platforms. That can especially be the case for streamers that don’t have a lot of consistency. Some content on BritBox is released as a binge-watch, and then there are other releases that are weekly.

So, what’s going to happen throughout August? There are some great new shows, with Granite Harbour as the first one to look out for. There are three episodes to tell this story, but will they be released weekly? How many hours on Tuesday, Aug. 1 do you need to set aside for the series?

Is Granite Harbour a binge-watch?

There is some great news for those who want a binge-watch. Granite Harbour Season 1 is releasing all in one go on Tuesday, Aug. 1. Yes, all three episodes will drop at once.

The episodes are 60 minutes long, each. That means you’ll want to set three hours aside for the series on Tuesday night. It’s going to be worth it.

The series follows Davis Lindo, a man who has just finished his time with the Royal Military Police. He ends up joining the civilian police department, with dreams of joining Scotland Yard. Instead, he’s sent to Aberdeen, where he ends up dealing with a case that is going to end up all over the news. A local oil tycoon is found dead under mysterious circumstances, and it’s up to Lindo and the team to navigate corporate issues to get to the bottom of the situation.

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Granite Harbour is coming to BritBox on Tuesday, Aug. 1. Watch all episodes in one sitting.