When does The Ex-Wife come to BritBox?

The Ex-Wife - (l-r) Jack (Tom Mison) and Jen (Janet Montgomery)
The Ex-Wife - (l-r) Jack (Tom Mison) and Jen (Janet Montgomery) /

What would you do if your husband’s ex-wife was constantly in the picture? That’s something Tasha needs to figure out in The Ex-Wife on BritBox.

If you’ve read Jess Ryder’s novel of the same name, you know how The Ex-Wife plays out. You know who the real danger is and what’s going on.

However, those who haven’t read the novel will have fun figuring it all out as Tasha learns more about Jen, her husband’s ex-wife. Of course, it’s somewhat hard to feel for Tasha at first considering we find out that she was the other woman. Can you really blame the ex-wife for still being friends with her former in-laws when she appears to be the discarded wife?

This four-part drama certainly takes you on a wild ride. You’ll wonder who you can trust and what’s really going on. The good news is all is explained, but does the series wrap up the way you’d expect it to?

When is The Ex-Wife on BritBox?

The four-part series has already aired in the UK. It’s also available in Canada on CBC Gem. However, it’s soon coming to BritBox in the United States.

You’ll be able to watch The Ex-Wife from Thursday, Aug. 10 on the streamer. All four episodes will drop at the same time. Each episode is an hour long, so you’ll need to set aside four hours to get through the series. It will be more than worth it.

Is there going to be a second season? Don’t count on it. The Ex-Wife is billed as a limited series. The full story is told from start to finish, and there isn’t a sequel to the novel. It wraps up fairly well, but there are questions about a couple of characters at the very end.

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The Ex-Wife is coming to BritBox on Aug. 10.