What is Who is Erin Carter? on Netflix about?

Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix is ready to unveil its newest crime drama, Who Is Erin Carter? Just what is this new thriller about, and who stars in it? Find out here!

Originally titled Palomino, Who Is Erin Carter? is created by Jack Lothian, whose work includes the long-running Doc Martin medical series and the Cinemax action show Strike Back. It appears he’s combining both of those genres into this new thriller filmed in Barcelona.

What exactly is this new series about, though? Is it worth checking out?

What is Who Is Erin Carter? about?

Erin Carter appears to be an ordinary woman, an American living in Barcelona. She’s married to a wealthy man, has a wonderful daughter named Harper, is a good teacher, and has the sort of quiet life one would expect.

When she and Harper are caught in a supermarket robbery, one of the robbers seems to recognize Erin. At this point, this simple teacher breaks out some stunning fighting skills to take the crooks down. While she brushes it off as just getting lucky, it’s obvious there’s more to Erin than there seems.

As various forces, from the cops to the mob, gather around her, Erin is forced to face the secrets of her past, which can jeopardize her family.

"“Meet Erin – Mum, Wife, Teacher living the expat dream in Spain. Or so we think until a robbery in a supermarket reveals her to be a badass fighter! Erin is clearly not who she says she is, but how far will she go to keep her true identity at bay?”"

Who stars in Who Is Erin Carter?

Evin Ahmad takes on the main role of Erin, with Sean Teale as her husband, Jordi. The ensemble cast also includes Pep Ambròs as Emilio, Erin’s detective neighbor who is Jordi’s best friend, Douglas Henshall as Daniel Lang, the father of one of Erin’s pupils who gets caught up in her complicated life, Susannah Fielding as Olivia, the administrator at Erin’s school who’s also her best friend, Denise Gough as the enigmatic Lena, and Jamie Bamber in an as-yet-undisclosed role.

  • Evin Ahmad as Erin
  • Sean Teale as Jordi
  • Douglas Henshall as Daniel Long
  • Susannah Fielding as Olivia
  • Charlotte Vega as Penelope
  • Indica Watson as Harper
  • Pep Ambros as Emilio
  • Jake Fairbrother as Bruno
  • Jamie Bamber

When does Who Is Erin Carter? premiere?

All eight episodes will drop on Netflix on Thursday, Aug. 24. It appears to be a limited series for now, but the possibility of a second season depends on how well the first does with viewers.

With a classic tale of a woman who’s not what she seems and the gorgeous Barcelona setting, Who is Erin Carter? may be a unique new thriller for Netflix.

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Who Is Erin Carter? premieres on Netflix on Thursday, Aug. 24.