What time is Who Is Erin Carter? on Netflix?

Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Who Is Erin Carter? is the new crime thriller to check out this week. It arrives on Netflix in full, but what time can you start streaming the episodes?

What do we know about Erin Carter? That’s what we need to figure out in the new Netflix series from Jack Lothian. Evin Ahmed stars in the titular role.

Erin is a wife and a teacher living in Spain. She has a beautiful and normal life. At least, that’s what it looks like from the outside. Everything is about to change.

One day, there’s a robbery at her supermarket. It turns out that the robbers recognize her, and not because they’re friends of the family. They know Erin from her past, and now Erin’s life is about to be completely upended. She needs to figure out how to keep her past and her present from clashing, while we figure out who she is and whether she is even someone we can root for. Are we rooting for a bad guy?

When will Who Is Erin Carter? coming to Netflix?

There are eight episodes to the limited series. All eight episodes will drop on Thursday, Aug. 24. of course, this is going to be a series that you’ll want to binge-watch as soon as possible. There are just so many questions to figure out.

You’ll be able to start watching at 3 a.m. ET on Thursday, Aug. 24. For those on the west coast, that means you’ll only have to wait until midnight PT. Sadly, Netflix doesn’t release content early like STARZ and Prime Video. At least all eight episodes are available at once so you can binge-watch straight away.

Don’t expect a second season. Netflix isn’t in the habit of giving shows a second season if they’ve been written as a limited series.

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Who Is Erin Carter? is available to stream on Netflix on Thursday, Aug. 24.