The Chelsea Detective spoilers: What to expect in Season 2, Episode 2

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The Chelsea Detective Season 2, Episode 2 will see DI Arnold and DS Walsh tackle another murder case. Here are The Chelsea Detective spoilers you need.

Not everything is as it would initially seem. DI Arnold knows that, so when it came to the case of the death at the art gallery, he wasn’t too surprised to find out what really happened. All he and DS Walsh wanted to do was get to the bottom of the case.

Now it’s time for another case. The Chelsea Detective Season 2 is an anthology of sorts. Arnold and Walsh will tackle a different murder each episode, so it doesn’t really need to be watched as binge-watch. You’ll get the answers by the end of the feature-length episode. You’ll want to know what the case is to get started, though.

The Chelsea Detective spoilers: What’s the case for Season 2, Episode 2?

This episode will see the death of a woman at a luxury retirement home. Okay, she was old, right? So, isn’t a death expected?

Well, in many circumstances, yes. This one is different. The woman dies mysteriously with zero signs of forced entry into her room. That must mean someone who had a key did it, and the suspicion falls on those in the retirement home. Did a member of staff do it? What about one of the residents?

The family has more information that really makes this a case for the books. It turns out that this woman has some sort of connection to the Apartheid era in South Africa. Is that what led to the death of the woman? Now this is going to be intriguing.

"A woman at a luxury retirement home dies mysteriously, and with no signs of forced entry, suspicion falls on the staff and residents. But tensions within her family point to another cause, harking back to their time in Apartheid-era South Africa."

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The Chelsea Detective Season 2, Episode 2 airs on Monday, Sept. 4 on Acorn TV. Get the streamer with Amazon Channels.