Is a new episode of Nancy Drew on tonight? (August 30, 2023)

Wednesday nights have become all about the Drew Crew solving mysteries. Will there be a new episode of Nancy Drew on tonight, Wednesday, Aug. 30?

This summer has been all about mystery solving on Wednesdays. Nancy Drew has kicked things off, with a focus on the Drew Crew saving the town of Horseshoe Bay from sins of the past. Of course, they also had to get to the bottom of Ace and Nancy’s curse allowing them to be endgame.

There’s some bad news for fans of the series right now. There is not a new episode on tonight, Wednesday, Aug. 30. We have a lot of bad news about the series.

When will Nancy Drew air new episodes on The CW?

There are no more episodes of the series. The previous episode was the series finale. That’s right; it wasn’t just the Season 4 finale, but it was the series finale. You can decide for yourself if it worked out as a good ending for you. We’ll all have our own opinions about what we wanted to see in the end.

We were warned about the series finale ahead of time. After initially renewing the show, The CW decided to make it the final season. The writers were told partway through, giving them some time to craft and ending that tied up as many loose ends as possible.

There is no fifth season. There hasn’t really been a fight from the show to save it. They had some time to wrap things up. It’s possibly a good thing now that the show was given a final season considering how many CW shows were abruptly canceled this year due to the Nexstar takeover. And we have to remember the bloodbath of May 2022.

Nancy Drew is available to stream on The CW App and will stream on Max.