What’s next for Maggie Bell in FBI Season 6?

As FBI fans await word on when Season 6 is coming, there are questions about the show’s characters. None are bigger than Maggie Bell, as the tough agent went through some major issues in Season 5. So what can become of Missy Peregrym’s agent in the coming new season?

Season 5 of FBI opened with Maggie absent and still recovering from the sarin gas attack in Season 4 (which was an excuse for Missy Peregrym taking time off for her pregnancy). She finally returned, insisting she was okay, but it didn’t take long for partner Scola to see that Maggie was having problems.

She was trying too hard to get back on track and ignoring the trauma of her near-death experience. That caused her to make mistakes in the field, and OA warned Maggie she had to deal with this or he’d have to report her, with Maggie eventually agreeing.

That wasn’t the only big issue with Maggie as another episode had her forced to turn in a mentor for the woman hiding her health issue, causing Maggie to realize she had been doing much the same thing. Another case had Maggie reuniting with her recovering addict sister Erin and telling Erin to go back to Indianapolis as she was an embarrassment to Maggie.

So, after so much going against her in Season 5, can Season 6 bring better times for Maggie?

What can happen to Maggie in FBI Season 6?

FBI is currently being delayed thanks to the strikes happening around Hollywood and won’t air until 2024. The long distance since the last episodes can mean Maggie has had time to process what happened to her and perhaps be in a better place. She’s still focused on the job first and backing OA up on missions.

It would be interesting if Maggie finally decides to open herself up for some romance, although she may be wary of opening her heart to someone again. Still, the focus will be on Maggie looking better after her ordeal and finally going back to the top agent FBI fans have come to love.

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