Oxygen’s New York Homicide sneak peek: A murder of one of their own

New York Homicide Season 2 -- Courtesy of Oxygen
New York Homicide Season 2 -- Courtesy of Oxygen /

New York Homicide takes us into a case where the investigators had to work on a case involving one of their own. Take a look at the sneak peek for the latest episode.

Murder can happen to anyone. That includes those who work in law enforcement. In the upcoming episode of New York Homicide Season 2, we go inside one of those cases. It’s not easy for investigators when they’re working on a case of someone they personally knew.

Thanks to Oxygen, we have a sneak peek of the episode. This is a chance to delve into the main suspect of the case, the lover of Michelle Lee.

What’s Gary’s story in New York Homicide?

In the sneak peek, we see the story of Gary McGurk. He is the main suspect in the case, the lover of Michelle.

Michelle Lee was a rising star in the NYPD Police Lab. Working as a Criminalist, she helped to catch the bad guys. Unfortunately, she became the victim of one, and the murder looked like a crime of passion.

This sneak peek has commentary from investigative journalist Gabrielle Fonrouge, Det. Shamal Tatum, Sg. Bobby Knights, and Det. Edward Wllkowski. They share details about some of the things Gary had told them about his relationship with Michelle.

It turns out that Michelle gave Gary money to get through cancer treatment, but they weren’t together in any sort of official capacity. In fact, Gary had another girlfriend. Is it possible that he was responsible for Michelle’s death? It certainly seems that way when you listen to Gary and Michelle’s relationship and the murder scene.

Take a look at the sneak peek for New York Homicide Season 2, Episode 14:

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New York Homicide airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Oxygen.