Is Alaska Daily canceled? (Will there be a Season 2 of the ABC series?)

If there is one show that we need more of, it’s Alaska Daily. Has this ABC series been canceled, or will we get to see more of the story?

Every now and then, we get a TV series that speaks volumes. It raises awareness to very real problems that are happening in the world—often problems that the big news publications don’t cover. Alaska Daily was one of those shows.

The series focused on finding the real reason an Indigenous woman in Alaska died. This was a story initially swept under the rug, and it took a couple of talented investigative journalists to get to the bottom of it. The case brought up the fact that there are thousands of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls across North America, and those cases are often unreported and closed quickly without resolution.

A show like this needs to be on the air. What happened to Alaska Daily?

Was Alaska Daily canceled?

Sadly, this was a show canceled in May 2023. ABC opted not to renew it, and Hulu removed the show from its streamer earlier than initially planned.

What was the reason? There was never an official reason, but with shows like this, it’s usually the live ratings. Alaska Daily didn’t have the draw that it arguably needed to keep going. There was always the risk of a large drop off in numbers come the second season.

This happens a lot with shows that serve a different narrative to the “fun” one people like. How many times do you see people watching TV commenting on how TV should be for entertainment and not to remind us of the real world? Guess what…when you’re in the world of crime dramas, there are a lot of reminders of the real world and that’s the way it should be. Art is a way to comment on life.

In a way, maybe it’s a good thing that the show was canceled when it was. The strike delays could end up leading to shows being canceled anyway. Just look at how Amazon has unrenewed two of its shows citing the strikes as the reason.

Alaska Daily is available to buy on Amazon Video, iTunes, and more.