What is On the Verge with Peter Jidhe about?

On the Verge with Peter Jihde -- Courtesy of ViaPlay
On the Verge with Peter Jihde -- Courtesy of ViaPlay /

Viaplay has the fifth season of On the Verge with Peter Jidhe coming out this week. What can you expect in the new episodes?

Peter Jidhe is ready to take us on another venture into contemporary and very real problems in the world. We enter the fifth season of On the Verge, which is split in two parts. However, both parts are going to be released on the same date. The split it to mark the two different countries that Peter will take us to.

Before you get into a new series, you’ll want to know what it’s about. This is going to give you an idea as to whether it’s for you or not.

What is On the Verge with Peter Jidhe about?

In the two parts, we’ll get to see Sweden and America. The first part is in Sweden, with three episodes titled “Violence Against Women,” “Wars in Sweden,” and “The Downside of the Internet.” The titles of the episodes certainly give away the content.

Peter Jidhe takes a look at Sweden’s modern-day problems. There’s the rise of gang crime, problems with pedophilia and the digital world, and the rising number of crimes against women. The look at the internet is going to be especially important for parents, as it’s not just a look at how children are affected by the crimes online, but also what parents can do to stop the problem.

The second part of the season takes place in America. The episode titles for this one are “Everything Has Its Price,” “Is the Apocalypse Here?”, and “War and Conspiracy.” Again, the titles give a lot of what the episodes are about.

America has been known as the land of opportunity. How many have come across looking for the “American dream.” However, it has a price. Whether it’s faith for a free or Indigenous suffering, Peter is going to go into all the issues that are facing the country.

This is an honest look at human violence, how climate change is affecting everyone, and the many conspiracy theories that many Americans now believe are true. If you don’t think there are problems, get ready for an episode that sees a sheriff waging war on immigrants simply because they’re different—let’s not overlook the fact that anyone who isn’t Native American is an immigrant when you really get to the nuts and bolts of the country.

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On the Verge with Peter Jidhe is coming to Viaplay on Tuesday, Sept. 19.