Mrs. Sidhu Investigates release schedule: When are new episodes coming out?

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates -- Photo Credit: Laurence Cendrowicz/AcornTV
Mrs. Sidhu Investigates -- Photo Credit: Laurence Cendrowicz/AcornTV /

Are you ready for another quirky British crime drama? Mrs. Sidhu Investigates has premieres on Acorn TV, and here’s what you need to know about the release schedule.

Middle-aged women make some of the best sleuths. They are observant of their surroundings, and they know the way the world works well enough to get to the bottom of mysteries. Mrs. Sidhu has a passion for crime, and she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes when the police go down a different line of inquiry.

There are four episodes of this new quirky series on Acorn TV. Sadly, it is not a binge-watch release. You’ll need to watch on a weekly basis, and that means you’ll want to get an idea of when to expect the episodes.

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates release schedule

The new episodes will come out on Mondays. Today was the first episode on the streaming platform, and it’s more than worth checking out. We get to meet the characters in the new episode, and that’s more than just Mrs. Sidhu and her son, Tez. We’ll also get to meet DCI Burton, who becomes Mrs. Sidhu’s unlikely partner on the inside of the police force to help further the investigation.

Of course, Burton doesn’t want to think that Mrs. Sidhu knows more than he does. He’s the one who’s had the official training, so how is it possible that Mrs. Sidhu’s intuition seems to be so perfect? We’ll get to see much more in the coming weeks. Here’s a look at the schedule:

  • Sept. 18: Episode 1,
  • Sept. 25: Episode 2
  • Oct. 2: Episode 3
  • Oct. 9: Episode 4

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Mrs. Sidhu Investigates airs on Mondays on Acorn TV. Check out the streamer on Amazon Channels.