What is The Continental: From the World of John Wick about?

The Continental: From the World of John Wick on Peacock
The Continental: From the World of John Wick on Peacock /

Peacock is about to unleash a wild adventure via The Continental: From the World of John Wick. Just what is this series about and when can you watch it? Find out here!

In 2014, Keanu Reeves revived his career with John Wick. He played the title character, a legendary assassin who’s lured out of retirement when he’s attacked by some Russian thugs. It was shown John was part of a guild of assassins scattered around the world. The Continental was a hotel in New York City that was “safe ground” for the killers where violence was prohibited.

The movie was a huge hit, spawning three sequels that upped the ante in violence. There are also plans for a spin-off film called Ballerina. Now, Peacock has a special TV show version ready to go, originally planned for Starz but still capturing the feel of the films.

What is The Continental: From the World of John Wick about?

The series is a prequel to the John Wick movies, taking place in the 1970s. It follows the younger version of Winston Scott (played by Ian McShane in the film) as he begins working for The Continental and adapts to the world of assassins.

The show will focus on real-world events, such as the rise of the New York mafia and how the “Winter of Discontent” in England caused issues as Winston tries to survive this dark world. Also, Winston has to deal with his brother running afoul of the Guild and an NYPD detective getting closer to uncovering this secret society.

When does The Continental premiere?

The series will premiere on Friday, Sept. 22 exclusively on Peacock in the United States. It will air on Prime Video internationally.

How many episodes are in The Continental?

The series will have only three episodes, but they are 90 minutes each, making this the equivalent of a six-episode series.

Who stars in The Continental?

Colin Woodell plays the younger Winston with Ayomide Adegun as Charon, his aide who was played in the movies by the late Lance Reddick. Katie McGrath of Supergirl is the Adjudicator, a key member of the Guild and, biggest of all, Mel Gibson is Cormac, Winston’s predecessor as manager.

  • Colin Woodell as Winston Scott
  • Mel Gibson as Cormac
  • Hubert Point-Du Jour as Miles
  • Jessica Allain as Lou
  • Mishel Prada as KD
  • Nhung Kate as Yen
  • Ben Robson as Frankie
  • Peter Greene as Uncle Charlie
  • Ayomide Adegun as Charon
  • Jeremy Bobb as Mayhew
  • Katie McGrath as The Adjudicator
  • Ray McKinnon as Jenkins
  • Adam Shapiro as Lemmy
  • Mark Musashi as Hansel
  • Marina Mazepa as Gretel

With a high-powered cast and continuing to flesh out the world of John Wick, viewers are expecting to check into The Continental for some amazing excitement.

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The Continental: From The World of John Wick premieres on Friday, Sept. 22 on Peacock.