Is Harlan Coben’s Shelter canceled? (Will there be a Season 2?)

Shelter -- Courtesy of Michael Parmelee/Prime Video
Shelter -- Courtesy of Michael Parmelee/Prime Video /

Harlan Coben’s Shelter just had a wild Season 1 finale. But does that mean Season 2 can arrive for the Prime Video drama?

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Harlan Coben’s Shelter Season 1

Based on the Harlan Coben novel, Shelter tells the story of Mickey Bolitar, whose father, Brad, was killed in a crash. Mickey moved to the town of Kasselton, New Jersey, where he befriended nerdy Spoon and goth Ema, who was hiding the fact she was actually the rich daughter of actress Angelica Wyatt.

When a classmate went missing, Mickey and his friends investigated and stumbled onto a conspiracy as the local “Bat Lady” had been running a service “rescuing” kids from abusive parents and they clashed with a slaver ring. Mickey found that classmate alive and learned his dad had been part of the rescue operation.

The finale had Mickey making the stunning discovery that his father was still alive. One former child, Luther, blamed Brad for the death of his brother, caused the accident and kidnapped Brad to lock him in a room. The season ended with Mickey reuniting with his dad.

That’s a big move, but does this mean Season 2 is coming?

Will there be a Season 2 of Shelter?

So far, there’s no word from Prime Video if a second season is coming or not. There are a few books in the series by Coben, so the producers have some material to work with.

The revelation Mickey’s dad is alive is naturally a huge shakeup as both Mickey and his aunt Shira will deal with this unexpected reunion. However, Luther is still out there and likely still wants revenge, which can put them in danger.

There are also subplots like Shira’s relationship with Hannah or Ema dealing with girlfriend Whitney betraying her by outing her secret wealth to the school. There’s also Troy handling his parent’s marriage falling apart and Spoon finding a tougher attitude after watching a girl die in front of him.

Right now, Prime Video has yet to make any decisions, but the ending indicates there’s a lot more to Shelter’s story, so fans are hopeful for another year.

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