What’s next for John Nolan in The Rookie Season 6?

The Rookie Season 5 had some major changes for John Nolan. What could The Rookie Season 6 bring for Nathan Fillion’s star cop?

Season 5 opened with Nolan hailed as a hero for stopping a drug cartel attack in the Season 4 finale. That earned him a “golden ticket” for any position he wanted, with most expecting him to finally become a detective. Instead, Nolan became a training officer for rookie Celina Juarez.

Nolan had more problems when Bailey was held captive in a deadly trap set up by his old serial killer foe, Rosalind Dyer (Annie Wersching). Nolan met Dyer, who revealed this was a plan for Nolan to kill her, only to be shot dead by her own ally.

Nolan dealt with the usual batch of wild cases like Juarez being accused of a suspect’s death and everyone hanging at his house during a blackout.

The biggest moment was when Nolan got a phone call from his sick mother but brushed it off as one of her con games. It turned out, for once, that she was telling the truth as she passed away. Nolan was shaken even as he headed to her home to find a con man posing as him, a batch of drug dealers and a house already foreclosed on.

The season ended with Nolan among the cops handling a variety of attacks, unaware it was all one big distraction for a bigger crime. That promises more adventure for Season 6 when it comes along.

What is The Rookie Season 6 going to bring for Nolan?

The obvious plotline for The Rookie Season 6 will be Nolan and Bailey tying the knot. Of course, this being The Rookie, it’s likely the nuptials won’t go smoothly with their complicated lives. Nolan also has to adapt to being more of a training officer and mentor to Juarez and step up to the plate more as a cop.

While Season 6 is still delayed, fans are hoping to see Nolan continuing to prove himself as a great cop for the LAPD and push The Rookie into more success.

The Rookie Seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Hulu.