Magnum PI preview: What’s coming in Season 5 Episode 12

MAGNUM P.I. -- "Hit and Run" Episode 511 -- Pictured: Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum -- (Photo by: NBC)
MAGNUM P.I. -- "Hit and Run" Episode 511 -- Pictured: Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum -- (Photo by: NBC) /

Magnum PI continues to roll out its final bevy of episodes. But what can fans expect in Season 5 Episode 12? Here are the Magnum PI spoilers!

After months away, Magnum PI returned for its final run of 10 episodes. The series had to handle a lot of changes, especially TC being shot and badly wounded in the mid-season finale.

The latest episode had Magnum and Higgins hired by an odd client: A professional hitman who warned them he’d been hired to kill a 12-year-old girl. While the man had a moral code to turn the job down, he knew someone else would try.

The pair found the girl to discover she was heir to a huge fortune and the millionaire’s son wanted her dead to get it all for himself. The hitman ended up sacrificing his life to save the girl.

Magnum and Higgins were also thrown when Higgins wondered if she was pregnant. She wasn’t, but it did bring them closer as the pair finally openly said “I love you” to each other.

Meanwhile, TC was still handling being stuck in a wheelchair with Shammy helping him out. TC had some trouble, but he and Shammy aided each other and there was good news with TC regaining some feeling in his toes.

Also, Rick met a woman named Piper at the marina, and they hit it off well, but it’s up in the air where it can go.

So that was a good return for the show, leading to more fun this week.

Magnum PI spoilers for Season 5, Episode 12

“Three Bridges” has Magnum and Higgins trying to help out a friend of Kumu, who got scammed. The preview plays on the humor of the pair somehow having to corral a fish as part of their investigation.

"Magnum and Higgins try to help Zhao, a close friend of Kumu, recover her life savings that were all lost to a scammer; TC becomes increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress in his recovery and pushes everyone away."

It sounds like TC is still handling his paralysis, so will need the help of Shammy and the rest of the gang to get through it. It’s also likely Rick and Piper are still trying a new friendship out.

With a fun mix of humor and some drama on TC, it looks like this new episode continues Magnum PI’s final season well.

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Magnum PI airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC and streams on Peacock.