Real Murders of Los Angeles exclusive clip: A report of a missing person

The Real Murders of Los Angeles -- Courtesy of Oxygen
The Real Murders of Los Angeles -- Courtesy of Oxygen /

Real Murders of Los Angeles Episode 2 takes us into the search for Linda Sobek. Take a look inside the start of the case and the media frenzy.

When it comes to a missing person case, it needs to be taken seriously. At the same time, there are factors that lead to a delay in the search. That was the case in the search for Linda Sobek, but it was soon clear that this wasn’t a standard “out for the night” occasion.

Linda Sobek was reported missing, but police knew that a woman not speaking to her adult daughter within 24 hours isn’t all that unusual. People can go a couple of days, especially if they’ve partied somewhere. However, things changed and the media had a chance to help with the situation.

Real Murders of Los Angeles exclusive clip

We get a chance to see the start of the search in this exclusive clip for Episode 2 of Real Murders of Los Angeles. It didn’t take long for Linda’s story to be all over the news. That’s when everyone kicked things up a gear.

With the news reports, the police started getting multiple calls about Linda. It was time to assign detectives and look for this missing woman. Why was the media report so quick to get up and helpful? Linda was a former LA Raidette cheerleader. Of course, she had people in the right places and she had many who would look out for her and follow her.

Here’s the sneak peek to get a taste of the episode:

How does it all end? That’s something you’ll need to see when you watch the episode. It’s a great look at how the media can help (but also sometimes hinder) the search for someone.

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