Why is The Afterparty canceled?

The Afterparty season 2 on Apple TV+
The Afterparty season 2 on Apple TV+ /

The Afterparty is canceled after two seasons. Why would Apple TV+ cancel a show that it was praising just recently? Here’s a look at the answers.

A month after the Season 2 finale, Apple made a disappointing decision on The Afterparty. The series is not getting a third season. At least, not on the streaming platform. According to Deadline, the show is being shopped around.

It was only recently that the streamer praised the show. There was a lot of positivity around it, bringing a fresh take to the crime genre with the comedic twist. Why would Apple want to get rid of such a great series?

Why Apple canceled The Afterparty

It looks like the strike action recently had an effect on The Afterparty. With the WGA strike coming to an end, it’s time for Apple to start re-evaluating plans. After all, the actors strike is still going, and it looks like the 2024 schedule has to change for all networks. Part of that process means that not all shows will be renewed.

Apple decided that The Afterparty was one of the shows that wouldn’t make it into the schedule after all the strike action. It looks like it could have been a show that was renewed had the strike not happened. Apple isn’t the only network to cancel shows due to the strike. In fact, Amazon even unrenewed shows due to the strike action.

The series is being shopped around. That’s not surprising considering the reason for the show being canceled. The show has plenty of ways to continue the story, especially with it being an anthology series. It is hard for the streaming show to be saved by another platform due to the contracts.

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The Afterparty is available to stream on Apple TV+.