How many episodes are in Payback?

Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox
Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox /

There’s a new crime thriller to check out this week. It’s all about the British drama Payback. How many episodes are in the first season?

While there are plenty of crime dramas out there that bring us cops chasing the bad guys, Paycak is offering us something a little different. This has two storylines that will combine into one.

Let’s just start with the main storyline. Lexie Noble finds out that her husband Jared is holding a huge secret. He’s been involved with crime lord, Cal Morris. There’s a major problem when it turns out that Jared hasn’t been handling the money in the way he was supposed to, and that’s pulled Lexie into the situation.

At the same time, the cops have figured out that Jared may be the one who will help them get to the bottom of Cal’s enterprise. This could be the way to bring the crime lord down.

Payback episode count

Of course, you’ll want to know just how many episodes there are in this new series. You’ll want to create plenty of time in your day to binge-watch as many episodes as you need. It’s also important to know just how many episodes there are to tell the story.

There are six episodes in this series. The first three episodes will drop together this week. After that, you’ll need to tune in weekly to see a new episode. All episodes will be on BritBox.

The series has already started in the UK. It won’t be long for North Americans to catch up with the series and figure out whether Lexie can protect herself and deal with all her husband’s secrets as the story plays out.

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Payback is available to stream on BritBox starting on Thursday, Oct. 19.