Payback exclusive clip: Cal has a ‘request’ for Lexie

Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox
Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox /

There’s a new crime drama heading our way. It’s all about Payback on BritBox, and take a look at this sneak peek to get an idea of what to expect.

BritBox is home to some of the best crime dramas and thrillers out there. That’s not surprising when the content comes from some of the greatest minds in the UK. The latest series is not one to miss.

Payback stars Morven Christie and Peter Mullan. This isn’t your typical cop drama. Yes, there are police involved, but this is a little more like Marcella, where there’s a chance to go undercover and there’s a focus on a crime boss. Mullan plays that crime boss, and he needs something from Christie’s Lexie immediately.

Payback sneak peek

The sneak peek comes from the very first episode. All you need to know going into this clip is that Lexie has learned something suspicious and unexpected about her husband, Jared. She agrees to meet with Cal to find out what he wants from her and what her husband is actually involved in.

Take a look at the clip before we get into it:

As you can see, Cal Morris is not a good man. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get his money back, and Lexie knows that she and her husband are in trouble. Things are going to get ever worse for them when the cops do end up involved.

You see Jared’s moves have already been watched by DC Jibran Khan and DCI Adam Guthrie. The two are financial investigators, and they want to figure out a way to use Jared and Lexie to catch Cal Morris and bring him to justice. Will Jared work with the cops? Will Lexie end up trapped and in trouble as she follows Cal’s current requests? The only way to find out is to watch the thriller.

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Payback premieres on Thursday, Oct. 19 on BritBox.