Where to stream Payback online

Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox
Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox /

If you’re in the mood for a crime thriller instead of a traditional drama, you’ll want to turn your attention to Payback. Where can you stream the series?

We have a lot of traditional crime dramas around us. They focus on the good guys going after the bad guys, whether it’s due to murder, assault, kidnapping, or even drugs. The storylines follow a pretty simple pattern of bringing us the case to solve and the way the team solves it.

Sometimes, we want something a little different. We need to see things from the side of the bad guy. We want to see everyday people have to figure out a situation they never wanted to be in.

Payback brings us something different. It focuses on a woman who learns that her husband is somehow involved with Cal Morris, who runs a crime ring. She has to fix her husband’s situation if she wants the two of them to survive Cal’s plans. However, there is a problem of the cops looking to use Lexie and her husband to get to Cal.

Stream Payback online

The series is only available to stream online, and only in one place in the United States. You’ll need to get a BritBox subscription for this one. You can get the subscription directly from the platform, or you can get it via Amazon Channels to keep as many subscription platforms together in one place as you can.

While BritBox usually releases content on Tuesdays, this one is different. We’ll get episodes on a Thursday, with the first three episodes of six dropping at once. The remaining episodes will release weekly on Thursdays.

That does put us at Nov. 9 for the finale. The question is whether it will be a limited series or not. It certainly comes across as a six-part limited series, but you never know how it will end.

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Payback airs on Thursdays on BritBox.