Is Bodies canceled? (Will there be a Bodies Season 2?)

Bodies. Kyle Soller as DI Hillinghead in Bodies. Cr. Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023.
Bodies. Kyle Soller as DI Hillinghead in Bodies. Cr. Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023. /

Bodies was a fantastic mix of time travel and police drama on Netflix. So what are the chances it gets another season? Here’s what we know!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Bodies Season 1

The British time travel storyline has four London police officers in 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053 investigating a murder. The twist is that it’s the same corpse in every time period.

This led to a wild time travel storyline as the twisted Elias Mannix (Stephen Graham) went back in time from 2053 to 1889 as a scheme to set off a massive bomb in London in 2023, allowing him and his KYAL cult to take over the country.

The finale had the 2053 version of cop Hasan managing to aid policewoman Iris in going back in time to stop this entire loop from happening. They appeared to succeed with Mannix’s younger self changing history and then he and the elder Hasan wiped from existence.

That looked to be the end of it. However, the last scene had the present Hasan stepping into a cab driven by Iris, who looked to be from the future. As the cab drove off, a building in London suddenly flashed the KYAL logo.

That looked like an intriguing cliffhanger, but can there be a Bodies Season 2?

Will Bodies Season 2 happen at Netflix?

So far, there’s no word on how good the viewing numbers for Bodies are, although it has been met by large critical approval. The ending seems to set up Season 2, but speaking to Hello magazine, writer Paul Tomalin actually cast doubt on another season.

"“We went to Netflix like ‘this is one series, this is a one and done, we wanna close this off’ because I think when you have such an amazing concept up front, you [expletive] your audience off if you don’t solve it. As the viewer, I hate it when you get this amazing thing, and at the end it’s like, ‘duh, duh, duh,’ and you’re like ‘right so I’ve got to wait a year and a half’. I think it’s a duty to an audience with something that’s this propulsive as a story concept to end it and solve it. So, we really wanted you to feel that you’d seen the red curtain at the end. That being said, when you see the back end, there’s certainly a dot dot dot. But the premise that the show sets comes to an end. And it was a privilege to be like, well, if it doesn’t get a second season, then this is the meal, there’s the dessert, there’s the coffee. It’s the whole thing. Closure.”"

Given Netflix’s history of canceling shows on cliffhangers, Tomalin may be correct in how just leaving Bodies at one season with the main storyline wrapped up is best.

Yet, that final scene leaves the door open for a possible follow-up, indicating the KYAL cult is still out there and another time-travel tale to come. So, for now, the story of Bodies may look finished, but there’s always a chance it comes back another time.

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Bodies Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.