5 TV crime shows to watch this week (October 30-November 5, 2023)

David Oyelewo as Bass Reeves in Lawmen: Bass Reeves streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+
David Oyelewo as Bass Reeves in Lawmen: Bass Reeves streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ /

As November comes along, there will be an increase in some new crime shows and movies. Even with the SAG strike holding off on network shows, at least there are some good shows to check out in various places.

This week includes a notable new crime show from a superstar producer and a few shows hitting streamers to enjoy. There is something for everyone again.

Here are five TV crime shows to check out for the week of Oct. 30 to Nov. 5, 2023, and still enjoy some top fun on TV.

5 crime shows to watch this week

Lawman: Bass Reeves

From Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan comes this new anthology series tackling real-life lawmen. First up is Bass Reeves (David Oyelowo), an escaped slave who ended up becoming one of the greatest lawmen of his era, rounding up 3000 criminals for the U.S. Marshals.

The series tells of Bass and his adventures with a great supporting cast, including Dennis Quaid, Barry Pepper, and Donald Sutherland, to make for a terrific series bringing one of the most legendary lawmen ever to life.

Lawman: Bass Reeves premieres Sunday, Nov. 5 on Paramount+.

The Three Detectives

Disney+ acquires the German series “Die Drei,” which does fit the streamer well. Loosely based on the old book series The Three Investigators, a trio of young teen girls form their own detective agency to help fellow students.

The series has them tackling cases of cyberbullying, blackmail and theft while also handling the usual challenges of being teenagers. The dubbing may throw some off, but it still makes for a fun teen crime show to check out.

The Three Detectives premieres Wednesday, Nov. 1 on Disney+


After breaking out in the Netflix Belgian crime drama Undercover and then a prequel movie, Frank Lammers steps into the lead role in his own spin-off as Ferry Bouman. The series appears to be a prequel showing how Ferry broke into the drug trade and slowly built himself up into a sinister boss.

Fans of the original Underworld show should enjoy this ride exploring Ferry as he balances a romance with his life and some dark comedy alongside the crime drama to make this a notable addition to this growing franchise.

Ferry premieres Friday, Nov. 3, on Netflix.

Mapleworth Murders

Fans of Murder She Wrote will get a kick out of this comedy, which was featured on the infamous short-lived Quibi streamer and now on Roku Channel. Paula Pell created the show and stars as a mystery writer who solves murders in her small town. However, the series plays it as a wild comedy with the question of just how a town this small has so many murders.

The supporting cast is fun, like J.B. Smoothe, who won an Emmy as the incompetent town sheriff, and with each episode under ten minutes long, it’s a short but fun binge. For those needing laughs with the mystery, this is a good fit.

Mapleworth Murders is now streaming on The Roku Channel.

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom

Another Netflix docuseries explores a tricky murder case. In 1985, the parents of Elizabeth Haysom were murdered in Virginia. Her boyfriend, Jens Soering, was convinced of the crime after a difficult process. However, Soering claimed that Elizabeth was the killer and he was taking the fall for her.

The docuseries talks to folks involved, including Soering and Haysom themselves and the police, on the irregularities of the case. It leads to a question of who was telling the truth and another fun true-crime tale.

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs Haysom premieres Wednesday, Nov. 1 on Netflix.

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