5 TV crime shows to watch this week (November 6-12, 2023)

The Killer. Michael Fassbender as The Killer in The Killer. Cr. Netflix ©2023
The Killer. Michael Fassbender as The Killer in The Killer. Cr. Netflix ©2023 /

As November comes around, there are still fewer regular offerings on TV thanks to the ongoing SAG strike. Thankfully, streaming has better options with this week’s offerings of TV crime shows, including a couple of fun movies and two new ID network docuseries.

Each has some unique takes, from thrills to a bit of humor, yet the docuseries are better at showcasing how real-life crimes put fiction to shame. Here are five programs to check out for the week of November 6-12 for a fun week of viewing.

5 TV crime dramas to watch on Nov. 6–12


Melanie Laurent both stars and directs this French Netflix crime caper. She plays a master thief who wants the classic “one last big score.” She’s on a unique time clock as she’s pregnant, so has to pull this off before her baby weighs her down too much.

She and her longtime friend (Adèle Exarchopoulos) recruit a younger racer (Manon Bresch) to heist a priceless object from the Louvre. Expect some fun banter of the trio and a slick heist with a female edge to mark a fun adventure.

Wingwomen now streaming on Netflix

The Killer

Any movie from acclaimed director David Fincher is going to be an event. One on Netflix with an all-star cast is only bigger. Michael Fassbender is a hired killer who doesn’t speak on screen, but his inner thoughts let the audience know the quirky ins and outs of his job.

When his latest job goes awry, this control freak hitman has his life upended as he has to face a slew of enemies, including Oscar winner Tilda Swinton as a dark rival. With Fincher’s usual sharp direction and a cast to die for, this is going to be a killer movie to watch.

The Killer premieres Friday, Nov. 10 on Netflix

Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld

This Netflix docuseries explores one of the biggest cyber hacking busts ever as the German government found a band of hackers working out of an old NATO bunker. They found hundreds of thousands of dollars in Euros, along with hundreds of data drives and other items showing a vast network of cybercriminals.

The documentary explores how this group was created, their amazing run of crimes, and how they were caught. But it also shines a light on just how deep the dark web goes and that this may only be scratching the surface of how sinister such hacking groups can be.

Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld premieres Wednesday, Nov. 8 on Netflix.

Lost Women of Highway 20

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer narrates this three-part series that begins with the 1990 disappearance of a teenager. As the police investigate, they slowly come across a trail of missing women on the same stretch of highway going back years.

The investigation involves several police forces and the trouble hunting for a killer who continues to evade capture to show how easily a murderer takes advantage of women slipping through the cracks.

Lost Women of Highway 20 streaming on Investigation Discovery


Another Investigation Discovery series, this six-part offering has an unprecedented look inside the FBI. It talks to agents involved in anything from infiltrating Boston’s infamous MS-13 gang to dismantling a drug empire in Florida.

Each episode talks to the agents involved in cases, such as a kidnapping with a high-speed chase and more. It shows how CBS’s FBI shows have nothing on real-life cases, which this docuseries will showcase in amazing new ways.

Feds premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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