Bosch: Legacy Season 2 finale explained: What did Bosch do?

Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Bosch: Legacy ended its second season in a wild two-part finale that shifted up the lives of both Harry and Maddie Bosch and set up a bigger Season 3! Here’s a rundown of what happened!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for the Bosch: Legacy Season 2 finale. 

The two-part finale, “Escape Plan/A Step Ahead,” opened with the FBI telling Chandler they had her on tape covering up evidence and pushing her to flip on Bosch and who was behind the pipeline bombing. But thanks to Bosch and Chandler using Matthew as their “reverse mole,” the FBI’s “evidence” was proven false and thrown out of court.

Bosch tracked down Ellis, the two fighting it out with Ellis ready to kill Bosch, only for Maddie to arrive in time to shoot Ellis herself.

However, the Feds had a major ace up their sleeve, as Mo’s hacker friend Jade Quinn was actually an undercover FBI agent. They tried to get Mo to flip on Bosch and Chandler in exchange for keeping Jade “safe” from them.

Mo seemed to agree as he met with Jade, only to reveal he’d known all along she was FBI and that he’d already covered all his tracks. He told Jade she’d have to quit the FBI or he’d expose her to the hacker community with Jade leaving.

What’s happening with Chandler in the Bosch: Legacy Season 2 finale?

Chandler and Bosch worked to prove David Foster was innocent of the murders, with Bosch breaking the case in his own fashion, meaning that he confronted Long in his hospital bed and tricked him into thinking Ellis was still alive and blamed him for the murders, so Foster confessed to what happened.

At first, DA Archer refused to accept the tape until Chandler threatened to release it to the media. Archer was thus forced to cave and dismiss the charges against Foster. Chandler then met with Irvin Irving (Lance Reddick in a final appearance) before calling a press conference, trashing Archer, and announcing she was running for District Attorney.

What did Bosch do in the final moments?

Just as she heard she was cleared of wrongdoing for shooting Ellis, Maddie got a phone call that her kidnapper, Dockweiler, had been killed in prison. Maddie was shaken but not too upset.

Maddie and Bosch talked about their issues with Maddie paying a visit to the FBI to see her mother’s memorial. But the final scene had Maddie taking a collect call from Preston Borders in prison, saying, “Tell your father I did what he wanted. Dockweiler, I took care of it.” Bosch returned to the room as Maddie asked him, “What did you do?”

So did Bosch actually have Dockweiler killed? Will Chandler win her run for District Attorney, and what’s going to happen with Mo? Those are some big questions that Bosch: Legacy Season 3 will have to answer.

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