Magnum PI Season 5, Episode 17 release details and more

MAGNUM P.I. -- "Run With The Devil" Episode 516 -- Pictured: Tim Kang as Detective Gordon Katsumoto -- (Photo by: NBC)
MAGNUM P.I. -- "Run With The Devil" Episode 516 -- Pictured: Tim Kang as Detective Gordon Katsumoto -- (Photo by: NBC) /

Magnum PI is finally back after a few weeks off with the first of its final four episodes! Here’s a peek at what to expect in Season 5, Episode 17!

Fans of the NBC drama have been dealing with it being off for a few weeks. It took off some time for Thanksgiving week and then for NBC’s annual airing of the Rockefeller Plaza Tree Ceremony along with a new Christmas in Graceland special.

The last new episode had Magnum and Higgins approached by an Amish teen whose older sister had gone missing during the tradition of Amish teens exploring the outside world. There were issues as it turned out the teen was lying about his age to get to Hawaii, and his lack of knowledge of the outside world, like social media, holding up the case.

Things got more complicated with a video showing the missing teen was involved in a robbery. The girl had fallen in with the wrong crowd, who then made the mistake of robbing a powerful CEO whose thugs went to extreme methods to get his loot back.

Magnum and Higgins were able to solve the whole thing by kidnapping the CEO and trading him for the girl although the guy warned them they’d made a powerful enemy.

The other plotline had Rick trying to find a date for TC for the annual Marine Ball. After striking out with a surfer, Rick convinced TC’s former girlfriend, Mahina, to show up, and the pair looked ready to hit it off.

That was a good way to enter a break, as the next episode also looks fun.

Here’s a peek at Magnum PI Season 5, Episode 17

“Consciousness of Guilt” has the rare case of Katsumoto needing Magnum’s help when a suspected killer might walk on a technicality. To try and find the evidence, Magnum is forced to work with a rival PI played by comedian Jon Lovitz.

"“After a high-stakes homicide case falls apart at trial, Katsumoto asks Magnum to help him stop a killer from walking free; Higgins helps Jin Jeong with a mystery of his own.”"

It’s always fun seeing Magnum and Gordon working together more and Lovitz is likely to throw in some great comedic work clashing with Magnum. It’ll also be a blast seeing Higgins having to work with Jin and his idiocy.

So it looks like Magnum PI is ready to run through its last few episodes in some fun style for fans.

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Magnum PI airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC and stream on Peacock.